Merritt Partners is an energy advisory boutique firm offering high value advice to energy companies in Asia.
Energy Expertise

Focused Energy Advisory Services

Merritt Partners advises on strategic cross border energy opportunities; acquisitions and divestments; identification of local and international partners; privatization of government-owned energy assets; and regulatory issues in selected power sectors. This business focus is augmented by the Merritt team's extensive financial and legal background.

Unrivaled Network

Unrivaled Network of Energy Relationships in Asia

Merritt Partners' energy expertise and experience span the upstream oil and gas; power generation; transmission and distribution; renewable power; and alternative fuels sector.

Within Asia, the firm capitalizes on its extensive network of senior level contracts and relationships to cross pollinate investment opportunities among companies seeking to expand their energy portfolios.

Geographically, our breadth of activities extends to the ASEAN, Korea, Japan, Australia and India.

Asian Experience

High Value Proposition

Merritt Partners is firmly positioned to provide the best quality advisory services available in the region today. Merritt's dedicated team of focused professionals possesses a thorough understanding of the nuances and complexities of Asian energy sectors.

Each advisory mandate is pursued in an integral manner that considers all critical aspects of execution such as commercial and fiscal viability, legal complexities, government and regulatory issues and financing requirements.

As an energy advisory boutique firm, Merritt Partners' independent advice is highly sought by energy companies in Asia today.

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